We speak at conferences, seminars and other events organised by, among others, our cooperation partners and ourselves. Nationally and internationally.


Our specialists are sought after speakers at national and international events. We are dedicated to sharing our thoughts and grounded knowledge on the six pillars that make a helmet safe for its user, in order to inform, raise awareness and ultimately create consciousness of this among often completely uninformed stakeholders. We do not merely highlight the problem and the enormous impact it has worldwide, but we also present and promote the solution. Or solutions, to be precise.

Road safety and the reduction of the still growing number of traffic victims is a very important issue for many governments around the world, the European Union and the WHO.
However, the focus is mainly on cyclists and motorists and their means of transport, as well as on improving the state of the roads; motorcyclists are a forgotten target group worldwide, even though they represent 28% of all road fatalities.
Therefore, we focus our attention on governments, NGOs and relevant organisations in the motorbike industry, to work with them to develop programmes, workshops and knowledge sessions that specifically highlight this target group (and other helmet wearers).



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