In the next 10 years, we will reduce the annual number of motorcyclists killed in road accidents by at least 30%. By doing so, we will save tens of thousands of lives each year. That is where your help is very much needed. Will you support us?

With your support, we can get our message out in more and more places, nationally and internationally, and in the process save more and more lives. We are extremely grateful to everyone who supports us!

Would you like to support us? There are several ways to do so: become a friend of CASTODIAN, make a one-time (or recurring) donation, become a supporter or become an official CASTODIAN Brand Partner!

Become a friend of CASTODIAN

To become a friend of CASTODIAN, we only ask you to join our email list and follow us on social media. In this way we want to gather more and more people to spread our ideas.

In addition, you will regularly be asked to help us think about how we can improve the safety of helmet wearers in traffic, for example through questionnaires. Your input helps us determine and deploy the right means to save even more lives.

Donate once or reciprocally

Our foundation needs donations, for example to spread our ideas, for research and for the development of new and safety-enhancing services and products, such as the HDSL (Helmet Device for Saving Lives). Choose in the form below which donation suits you best and support us that way!

Choose a one-time donation of €25.00, donate €500.00 per year and become a supporter of CASTODIAN or become an official brand partner for a donation of €2500.00 per year.