We want to officially welcome you! Your Blue Tulip Awards journey is about to start! We are proud to have you as one of the Health & Well-being innovations of Blue Tulip Awards ‘Generation 4’.”

With this warm introduction, our nomination for a Blue Tulip award was a fact!

During the fourth edition of the country’s own innovation competition, we are competing for the famous title of (one of) the most innovative Dutch products, services or concepts.

“The Blue Tulip Awards stands for increasing the impact of the startup ecosystem in which we connect promising startups with innovation partners, investors and accelerators.”

Frank Rennings, Managing Director Innovation at Accenture Netherlands.



We are categorized under the theme ‘Health & Well-Being’. This theme in particular has been under a magnifying glass in recent months, mainly due to all the Corona-related developments. This means that there is still plenty of room for development and innovation and we believe that CASTODIAN can contribute an innovative stone to this.



From the start of the Accenture Innovation Awards in 2007, Accenture and its partners sought to identify the most promising startups and innovations in the Netherlands, helping them grow, scale and flourish. Last year, having learnt from previous successes and feedback, the program opened up to more collaboration, stronger partnerships and true innovation by removing the Accenture name and rebrand as the Blue Tulip Awards.

But how did we choose our new name? A nation known for its tulips, the Netherlands is home to many developed and cultivated tulip varieties. While many colors are now part of the rich Dutch tulip offering, no one has been able to cultivate an entire blue tulip – yet. That’s why for many years now we’ve used the blue tulip as a symbol as the ultimate representation of our quest to discover and nurture world-changing innovations. It was only logical to make our symbol match with our name.”