In the opinion of the CASTODIAN Foundation wearing a safe helmet is of the utmost importance.  A helmet is safe for its particular user when it complies with CASTODIAN’s 7 factors, which ensure the safety of a helmet when ALL of the 7 boxes are checked.  

Furthermore, safety measures for motorcyclists are constantly evolving, which the CASTODIAN Foundation definitely applauds.  Manufacturers of motorcycle garments and helmets have been working on incorporating airbags in their products, to decrease serious injury and to protect vital parts of the rider’s body in the event of a crash.  The developments being made are also to provide the rider with more confidence and a safe feeling while riding. 

A cloud above your head

The Autoliv organization, which has been a leader in safety for motorist for more than 70 years, and Airoh, a manufacturer of motorcycle helmets, have been collaborating on a helmet incorporating airbags.  This helmet is a combination of the regular looks of a normal motorcycle helmet, and the built-in airbags located on top of the helmet. In the event of a crash, the airbags have the capability to deploy in a matter of a tenth of a second.
This decreases the possibility of serious neck-and skull injuries by a factor of 50%, according to the manufacturer of the helmet, Autoliv.

Read the whitepaper on airbag-helmets here: AIROH Autoliv.pdf 

Airbags being used for safety in other ways

In addition to airbags being incorporated in helmets, manufacturers have also been putting airbags in motorcycle vests, trousers and jackets.  These garments are often more comfortable to wear while riding and in contrary to for example a back-protector, are only activated in the event of a crash.  

A couple of forms of airbag are available on the market today, with manufacturers striving to create airbags that can be used multiple times, which is of course more environmentally friendly.  Many airbag-garments can be reloaded by yourself, by replacing the co2 cartridge that inflates the airbag.  Other garments will have to be sent back to the manufacturer to be checked and reloaded, with the focus on safety, which can have a higher price tag. 

What do airbag-garments cost? 

Airbag vests can be found anywhere from €200 to about €800.  A vest by Alpinestars will set you back about €800.  

A suit with incorporated airbags will have a heftier price tag, they will range from about €500 to about €1500 with the top-of-the-line model being provided by the brand RST.  If you are looking for a jacket with built-in airbags you’re going to have to shell out about €500.  

So, should motorcycle garments incorporating airbags be something you invest in?  

As the CASTODIAN Foundation is an advocate of every kind of (additional) motorcycle safety, in our opinion safety is worth top dollar!  

In line with this and whatever you decide regarding airbags, we strongly advise you to check whether your helmet meets all 7 factors of helmet-safety.
Global data gathered by CASTODIAN Foundation shows that (unfortunately too) many motorcyclists – mostly unknowingly – use a helmet that does not comply with all of the 7 factors, making it unsafe and completely useless in the event of a crash.

Sjors Rutten

On behalf of CASTODIAN Foundation

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